Take on the role of Cutter Slade, experienced soldier of the real elite troops, and explore the planet Adelpha, using full freedom. Traveling through this magnificent world, where magic and science mingled, you will discover exotic cities, confront cruel enemies and try to learn the secrets of a developed civilization. Make the right choice in this living world, because the fate of these two universes depends on your successes. In the near future, humanity has learned that it is not alone in the universe, or rather, in the universes.

Alas, the first contact with intelligent beings turns into a catastrophe when a probe sent by the US government destroys the inhabitants of the planet called Adelpha. The incident creates an energy cataclysm that threatens to destroy the Earth. You are a Cutter Slade, a sea cat, sent to Adelpha with the task of finding and repairing the probe to prevent a catastrophe. Being accepted by the locals as Ulukai, the messiah of the ancient prophecy, you will find that the future of Adelpha and the Earth is now connected. Outcast – Second Contact is a complete remake of Outcast. As the first open three-dimensional world in the history of video games and a pioneer among modern adventure action games in 1999, she received more than 100 awards, including the “Adventure Game of the Year” award.

System requirements:
☑ OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit)
☑ Processor: 4th Gen Intel® Core ™ i5 Processors / AMD FX® 8300
☑ RAM: 6 GB of RAM
☑ Video card: GeForce GTX670 / AMD Radeon® 7950
☑ Disk space: 8.4 GB