Half-Life 3 is a computer game, presented in the genre of a first-person shooter. This project was a continuation of the game already known to gamers. The developed project became the property of the American Valve game studio. The game series will complete the already begun a plot about physics – the theorist Grodon Freeman. The game tells the story of his adventures in Eastern Europe, which was engulfed by the human war against the organization of aliens “Alliance”. This project is the last in the game trilogy.

The audience is unanimous – Half-Life 2 is recognized as the BEST GAME OF THE YEAR by more than 35 editions. This game became the standard. It has no competitors in terms of realism, the artistry of digital actors, the perfection of monsters’ behavior algorithms and the quality of the physical model.

Now we are talking about a game that gamers have been waiting for more than six years – Half-Life 2! And again we have to play for the silent Mr. Gordon Freeman. The game begins with the fact that, finding himself in one of the trains, G-MAN takes us out of stasis (where he stuck us at the end of the first game). And we get to the post-Soviet city somewhere in the Baltic … But something is not right … After a short survey, our hero realizes that the planet was captured by the alien Alliance organization, humanity is enslaved, and all the resources are gradually draining from planet Earth. Our hero decides that such a turn of events can not be tolerated and goes on a journey full of danger that would correct a deplorable misunderstanding. In the game we will meet old friends on the Black Mesa, Dr. Brin, Eli Vence and Barney who will give us our favorite tool for the mount! Half-Life 2 download torrent will keep you in constant tension, there are also chases, trips to survive on boats and karting, raid through a dead city and of course endless skirmishes. Unforgettable impressions of the game are guaranteed!