Darkwood is a game about survival, exploration and fear, which takes place in mysterious forests somewhere in the territory of the Soviet bloc. With a view from above, with freedom of movement, this surreal horror experience awaits you in a world that is every time generated anew. Taking the example from the classic games where you often had to figure out on your own, and having absorbed RPG, roguelike, adventure elements and challenging complexity, Darkwood seeks to please the thirst of players for a deep and worthwhile experience.

The fear of the unknown is very strong – the unknown will try to remain unnoticed, forcing you to look back. Your feelings will be deceived, your vision will fool yourself, your sense of smell will be misled by the surreal horror of Darkwood. The answer will not be given to you free of charge, but somewhere in the forest there is truth, an explanation of what happened in this godforsaken place