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Project CARS 2 (2017) PC

JOURNEY TO THE WORLD OF MOTORSPORT. Project CARS 2 is the most beautiful, authentic and technically perfect racing game in the world, which will reveal to you the very essence of motorsport. Game Features • Full support for 12K and VR resolution • Tested by professionals • New items and old favorites • LiveTrack 3.0:…

1 Star

Middle-earth: Shadow of War (2017) PC

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is a third-person shooter whose action takes place in the universe of the Lord of the Rings. In Shadow of War, players get a new Force ring, which they use to resist the most ruthless enemies in Middle-earth – Sauron and his Nazgul. The development also received the Nemesis system from…

1 Star

ELEX (2017) PC

ELEX is a carefully crafted dynamic role-playing game created by award-winning authors of the Gothic series. Its action unfolds in a new post-apocalyptic science-fiction universe: players are waiting for a huge seamless world full of vivid characters, grotesque mutants, moral dilemmas and intense adventures. In ELEX, you enter the war for a valuable resource that…

1 Star

WWE 2K18 (2017) PC

The largest series of games about the world of professional wrestling returns. Meet WWE 2K18! Crazy dynamics, impressive graphics and everything you so fond of in the WWE 2K series games – in WWE 2K18 you’ll be even closer to the ring. Be Like No One. The most realistic game, dedicated to WWE competitions in…

1 Star

Hollow (2017) PC

I was not interested in this ship … I just … wanted to find myself. Had. Something deep in my brain, deep in my heart, clung to me, I tried to understand what was happening. But in the end nothing happened. I could not. I still can not remember who I am. I do not…

1 Star


In 2230, the industrial-research vessel Tartarus (MRS TARTARUS 220478) activates the security protocol near Neptune without any signs. The only chance for the crew to survive is to get to the bridge and restart all the systems one by one before the ship crashes into Neptune. We play for Cooper (the chef and miner of…

1 Star

Spellforce 3 (2017) PC

518 year. The so-called War of the Magi. The revolt of the magicians eventually was crushed by the troops of the Crown. This victory, however, did not bring relief: in the far provinces anarchy reigns, throughout the country, homeless refugees seek a new shelter. In addition, there are outbreaks of a new deadly disease, called…

1 Star

STARBO (2017) PC

When an airplane crashes in the Caribbean, the passenger becomes a participant in a mysterious adventure. STARBO is an adventure horror with a first-person view, made to draw you into a developing horrible story, the main character of which will be Leo Cornell. You will be able to explore a whole new world, find hidden…

1 Star

Outbreak: The New Nightmare (2018) PC

Outbreak: The New Nightmare is a game with elements of survival based on classic games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. The game pays homage to these classics. You get into a terrible abandoned hospital, where you and your friends have to survive in terrible conditions, fighting with the monsters that live here. You…

1 Star

Endless Space Vaulters (2018) PC

Meet the continuation of Endless Space, a two-time winner of the Unity Awards! Endless Space 2 is a step-by-step military-political sci-fi strategy in which you will have a unique opportunity to become the ruler of an entire civilization and lead it to the cold depths of space. In Endless Space 2, you will become the…

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