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Observer (2017) PC

What would you do if your fears were hacked? Year 2084. Your name is Daniel Lazarsky, and you are an elite private detective from the corporate police department, known as the Observer and specializing in breaking into and penetrating the minds of suspects. Once you receive a mysterious message from your son, the high-end engineer…

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1 Star

Home Sweet Home (2017) PC

Tim’s life has changed dramatically since his wife mysteriously disappeared. In one night, after a long suffering, he wakes up in an unfamiliar place, not in his home. But the ghost of an unknown woman hinders getting out of this place. Will Tim survive? Is this place in his house? Is this due to the…

1 Star

Inmates (2017) PC

It’s scary to even imagine that Jonathan’s nightmares can turn out to be a reality. Inmates is a game in the genre of psychological horror with elements of puzzles. The player will have to figure out how Jonathan ended up in jail, and uncover the secrets hidden in those walls. Jonathan wakes up after nightmares…

1 Star

Hello Neighbor [Beta] (2017) PC

Hello Neighbor-Logical stealth-horror in the first person, in which you have to repeatedly get to the house of your neighbor to find out what terrible secrets he is hiding in his basement. In the process of playing AI, the opponent will constantly learn and try to predict your tactics. The neighbor is curious and attentive,…

1 Star